Women's Day Speaker 

Giving Salutatorian Address


The Total Woman: Spirit, Soul, Body - Designed to empower, educate and   inform participates of their Spiritual identity in Christ.

The Ministry of the Holy Ghost - Designed for audiences of all ages and genders. Discover the ministry of the Holy Ghost in your daily life. 
Understanding Life Challenges: Entering and Leaving Crises - Designed for men and women of all ages. Participants will discover the transitions and shifts  are necessary to effect change and bring you into the divine will and purpose of God.

How to Date a Married Man? (Your Husband)  - Designed for married women, and women who are engaged to be married. You will discover the importance of friendship; how to celebrate your “oneness” in the Lord and why it’s important to pray for your mate? You will also discover the power of romance (keep those flames burning).
The Deadly Trap of Comparison – Designed for audiences of all ages and genders who have fallen into the deadly trap of comparing their lives with others. It’s a trap and it’s foolish according to the Bible. You will discover that you are a “Designer’s Original” created in the image of God.
The Power of Perception – Designed for audiences of all ages and genders. How you think will determine how you see things spiritually and naturally. When you learn how to think right (with the mind of Christ); you will see through His eyes too.
The Benefits of Wisdom – Designed for audiences of all ages and genders. Wisdom is the principal thing, but in all thy getting; get some understanding too. Discover and define what wisdom is and what wisdom is not.


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